So you’re up in the attic, just casually putting storage away, then all of a sudden, you turn on your light, and wings come out of nowhere, flying around the attic, and you’re in complete shock because you had no idea bats were in your attic! But what are you going to do so you can put your storage items away in peace?

Finding a bat or two up in an attic is more commonplace than you would imagine. To combat these flying creatures, you’ll need a couple of things: lights, a few traps, exclusion devices, and most importantly – patience. The easiest way to start getting rid of these pests is to install more lighting in your attic. Bats are naturally drawn to the dark because they’re nocturnal, so they avoid light as much as possible. By installing extra lighting, bats may just go out the same way they got it.

But suppose for some reason, it doesn’t work. Your next option would be to install one-way exclusion devices where you suspect a bat is coming in and out of your attic. Basically what happens is, you install the device, which will allow bats to go out on they’re own, but they won’t be able to come back in the same way they went out, clearing your attic of bats, given time.

Keeping these tips in mind will help to ensure a bat free attic, and you can continue putting storage in your attic, without fear of meeting an uninvited guest.

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