Q. Do I have to attend the inspection?

We strongly recommend you attend the inspection.  You can ask questions directly as you learn about the condition of the home.  You can learn how its systems work and how to maintain them.  It will be the best 2 hours you could spend learning about your new home.  You will also find the written report much easier to understand if you’ve walked through the home with your Inspector.

Q. What if the report reveals problems?

All homes have strengths and weaknesses.  If your Inspector identifies a condition that needs attention, this may become a point for negotiation.

Your Realtor will be Your greatest asset in this process.

Q. If the house is in good condition…did I really need an inspection?

Definitely.  Now you know the condition of your home.  After the inspection, you will probably know more about the property than the previous owner.

Q. Why use NACHI Certified Inspectors?

NACHI is the national leading professional association for home Inspectors.  NACHI’s “Standards of Practice” have served as the universally recognized standard for professional, legal and governmental authorities.

NACHI requires continuing education in technical seminars and workshops throughout the year.  NACHI also serves as a public interest group by providing accurate and helpful consumer information to home buyers on purchasing and maintaining their homes.

Q. Who belongs to ASHI?

Members of NACHI have met the most rigorous technical and experience requirements in effect today. NACHI Members are required to follow the Society’s Code of Ethics, and to obtain continuing education credits in order to be proficient in the latest in building technology, materials, and professional skills.

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