Retirement is supposed to be a time when you can finally take it easy and have time to do those things you’ve always longed to do.  There are other, less enjoyable, things to consider with the retirement years though, like preparing in advance for the time when you may not be as active as you now are.  One way to eliminate the stress and worry of this is good preparation, for example, how can you make decisions regarding your home now, that will prepare you for the years to come?

Well, a good idea is to begin by having your home inspected by a certified home inspector who will be able to advise you on the condition of areas like your roof and heating system etc.  They can let you know how long it will be before big items like this will need to be worked on or even replaced.  In this way, you can start to save and prepare in advance.

Perhaps you’ve been waiting to do some remodeling.  If you are thinking of this, why not try to add features that would enable someone with limited mobility to use them with ease.  This can be done in a subtle way if the design is well thought out.

It is a good idea to start putting aside money in a separate account specifically for home maintenance.  This will help to eliminate worry in the future if the property needs major work.  Let any family members know your wishes when it comes to your home, in this way they will know how to act if the time arises when they will be making decisions for you.

By briefly considering these few points, it’s clear to see that good preparation is a key to a stress-free retirement.

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