It’s almost Spring! There’s something special about springtime that makes the “honey do” lists grow as fast as the flowers. When you’re taking care of all of those important projects around your home, please be safe!

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is often the last thing people think about when they start DIY’ing. But PPE is not just for professionals. It’s for every single person who wants to avoid injury or death. Here are some PPE items that you should think about before you start that “honey do” list:

  1. Work gloves. Because your hands are doing most of the work, they’re among the most susceptible to injury. Simple work gloves can help prevent many basic injuries, but if you’re doing cutting or sawing, invest in high-quality cut resistant gloves.
  2. Safety glasses. Ordinary glasses and sunglasses are not adequate protection, and may even cause additional injuries. Be sure that your safety glasses are ANSI Certified and Impact Resistant.
  3. A hard hat. These aren’t just for big, gruff construction workers hefting steel beams with their bare hands. Even simple household projects can increase your potential for a head injury. You can’t buy a new skull, but a good hard hat can be bought for only $10-$20.
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