Everyone wants them. The taller the better. We want them close to us, to our home, but we know they’re dangerous. Beautiful, but dangerous. 

Trees can wreak havoc on the foundation of a building.  They exploit tiny, existing cracks in the concrete.  They deviously push their way in causing huge separations. After a while, the roots get real big.  They can actually push the foundation up, causing it to crack.  Sometimes, they just suck all the water out of the dirt underneath.  When the dirt looses moisture, it loses volume.  The concrete can crack under it’s weight because of the void.

Check out these beauties regularly.  Make sure they’re healthy. Remove dead branches and dying leaves.  Be sure to clean up there waste, especially in danger zones like roof valleys, drainage, and rain gutters. When you want a new one, be aware of where you decide to plant them.  Avoid planting them buildings, pipes or phone lines.

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