Wet basement? Then start with your grading. A home should have a one-quarter inch per foot slope for the first ten feet away from the house. This will allow rainwater to divert away from the house. Mulch beds for flowers and bushes will not correct the problem. Mulch is not considered “soil” because water will still work through the mulch until it gets to the soil area. If you have a negative grade under the mulch, water will pool against the foundation and work its way through to the inside of your home.

Downspouts and gutters are very important to keep water from working into your foundation. For gutters to properly function they need to be free of leaves and twigs. Downspouts need to be properly sized, connected, and pitched in order for the system to function as designed. If you see water cascading over your gutters during heavy rain, you know that one of these issues need to be addressed. There are many products that assist the homeowner in keeping gutters clean and free of trash. These products are especially helpful if you have a home that is close to trees. Addressing the areas of proper grading and guttering should go a long way in helping you maintain a dry basement.

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