Do you have a very large energy bill every month? Apart from heating and air conditioning, it is not always easy to know where the power draw lies, and having an appliance that is malfunctioning is not always easy to spot.

One way to figure out what is causing your high energy bill is to use thermal imaging.

When there is a large power draw, this will heat up the circuit. This can be spotted at your circuit breaker with the use of a thermal imaging camera. Once the circuit has been identified, you can take a look at all the appliances and devices that are hooked up to that circuit. By disconnecting them one by one, you should be able to determine which one it is that is drawing heavily on your power. Once you have identified the appliance in question, you should leave it unplugged if at all possible, since it could be a serious problem. You should have the appliance replaced or repaired by an electrician as soon as possible.

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