Who doesn’t love sitting around a cozy fireplace when the weather is colder? Not all homes, however, enjoy the benefits of a traditional fireplace so one solution to this is to install a factory-built fireplace. What are some of the advantages of choosing this kind of fireplace?

As the name suggests, a factory-built fireplace is made in a separate facility and stored until needed. They consist of a firebox enclosed in a steel cabinet with an attached steel chimney or flue. These types of fireplace, although used in new construction can also be installed into most pre-existing homes and on most floors of the home, making them an ideal choice for many homeowners.

Factory-built fireplaces are lightweight as well as being safe and efficient to use. Another benefit is that they generally have a very small safe-clearance requirement and can even be fitted close to wooden framing, meaning they can work well on any level of the home. We should mention, however, that safe levels of clearance will depend on the manufacturer so it’s important to check that before you install the fireplace.

While there are many advantages to factory-built fireplaces, including an excellent safety record, be aware that you still need to take all the safety precautions that you would with traditional fireplaces. It’s also recommended that you check the chimney monthly to make sure there is no buildup of creosote. So, if you have always wanted a fireplace in your home, a factory-built one might just be the answer.

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