Are you trying to cut down on your annual spending for your home upkeep? With any home, there will always be a lot of different ways in which you can save money, but have you considered how much money is lost from your water lines? How do water lines cost you money? Well, running hot water through an uninsulated pipe from your water heater to your sinks and showers might lose you as much as 20% of the heat in transit.

This is especially the case if you have pipes running through areas that aren’t temperature controlled, such as attics, unfinished basements, or crawl spaces. Usually, pipes in your walls will be fairly well protected, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure that any pipes that are exposed get insulated well. You can purchase sleeves of insulation that only need to be snapped onto the pipe. The cost and labor are minimal compared to the amount of energy that you will lose leaving your pipes uninsulated.

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