A great deal of time and hard work goes into a well landscaped back yard.  This can be ruined very quickly by unwelcome visitors in the form of animals or rodents.  In such a case the homeowner might want to resort to a quick fix by using some type of chemical deterrent.  Before doing this, however, its good to consider other ways of dealing with the problem, that do not require chemicals.  Here are a few suggestions:

Its important to first determine what kind of animal is causing damage.  Once you have identified it, you can then find out the best ways to deter it.  For example, what has attracted it to your yard?  The most common reasons are that there is a good food source or some type of shelter.  Its possible that it is attracted to certain plants or shrubs that you have planted.  If this is the case, you may need to remove those plants or shrubs in order to stop it.

You could also try using a barrier designed to keep out wildlife.  If this does not work for you then try some type of repellent around the perimeter of the property.  This doesn’t have to be chemical, it could be a visual deterrent or even a noise that scares away the animal.

If, after trying all these methods, you still have a problem, you might have to resort to trapping the creature and relocating it.  If you decide to try this, however, make sure you check with your local animal or wildlife control agency to see what guidelines they have in place for this.  Its good to ask yourself, though, is it worth all the trouble? How much of a problem is being caused by having the creature in your yard?  If it is not much, then it might not be worth the effort to get rid of it.

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