What type of siding does your home have? With so many different options out there, there are also various factors to take into consideration. For example, steel siding is very durable, vinyl siding is economical, and aluminum gives you a good balance between cost and durability. What about wood siding? What are the pros and cons?

Wood siding will not outlast any of those other materials, plus it has a higher cost. Considering these factors, why would you choose it?

Usually, the answer is that it is a very beautiful alternative, and it is made from a renewable resource. If you decide to install wood siding on your home, you should make sure that you take good care of it, since it is a significant investment, and without proper care, rot, insects and other problems could significantly shorten its life-span.

Keeping wood boring insects away can be a challenge in many areas of the country.

You should not bring wood for burning, old wooden pallets or anything similar near to your home, since this could introduce the insects to your home.

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